Saturday, April 4, 2009

teradata job

a radio cab company required a teradata master as cab driver.
must expreinced on teradata v2r5

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

data warehouse expert.

Muhammad Arshad

Solutions-oriented database Specialist with notable success directing a broad range of corporate IT initiatives while participating in planning and implementation and analysis of database solutions in direct support of business objectives.

w Outstanding leadership abilities; able to coordinate and direct all phases of project-based efforts while managing, motivating, and leading project teams.

w Solid understanding of data warehouse, architectures, solutions, and technologies

w Provide technical thought leadership and participate in the data warehouse design and integration effort, including data sourcing and transformation, logical/physical modeling, ETL development, application development, and testing/production rollout

w Play lead technical role on front end data staging data filtration for very large complex data warehouse

w Being a trusted advisor to the Technical support Team, decision-makers by establishing credibility and expertise in data quality and authenticity

w Hands-on experience leading all stages of system development efforts, including requirements definition, design, architecture, testing, and support.

w Experienced on Teradata, Oracle 10g and MS-SQL Server

Professional Experience

ESolutions Pvt Ltd Nov 2007 – Present

Position as “Project Manager”

Assist company to reduce project risk and improve project performance, in terms of cost, time to completion and quality of results. Services provided include Management of projects; Consulting on various aspects of Project Management; Project Health Audits, and Training and Mentoring at various levels as well Execution and Project design.

§ Achieve project objectives, within time and cost constraints

§ Reduce risk at all stages of a project

§ Train and/or mentor project staff to achieve the same objectives

§ Applies a variety of structured techniques to achieve a rational approach to problem solving and decision-making

§ Manage multiple project Execution, Design, `monitoring

§ Worked on SOAP, SOA architecture, Working of SOA architecture for IBM data warehouse, Design Data warehouse for Large Active Database Design, plan, Execution and monitoring.

§ Designed ELT, Data filtration process for Data warehouse

§ Responsibility for architecture design and system integration of large, complex data warehouse or Business intelligence solutions

§ Implement project quality and control software compliance to defined standards, along MISMO or CMMI standards

§ Contribute to new offer, services and quality initiatives development

§ Performing data warehouse lead tasks for large projects, Secure (encrypted) Database designing

§ Supporting data warehouse leads across multiple projects extensive experience with system integration, data sourcing, modeling, loading or mining for large data warehouses

§ Demonstrated Programmed and Project Management skills are plus
Willingness to travel

§ Managed more then 25 Senior developers staff team and track project with help of Microsoft share point server.

§ Worked on Enterprise level application designing with Microsoft SharePoint Portal and Data warehouse as backend

§ Assume primary responsibility for the Data Warehouse including Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL Server 2008 and Teradata & DSS development, deployment, performance, architecture, and infrastructure that supports business strategic and annual operation plan

§ Some experience of Oracle 10g/9i RAC environments including knowledge of Network storage; Oracle replication, streams and partitioning, and some experience of Oracle EBS (ERP) suite 12.

National Database Registration Authority 2002 – Present


Position as “Senior-Database Administrator”

Recruited to establish and manage region-wide data Acquisition unit. Oversee companywide efforts to identify and evaluate all critical data analysis and systems. Design and implement processes and procedures on all recommended strategies. Collaborate with external auditors to conduct in-depth compliance audits and data authenticity testing, presenting all results to senior management. Develop curricula and facilitate awareness training for management. Supervise daily activities of National database & Registration Authority Karachi.

Key Contributions:

§ Ability to communicate clearly and effectively to both technical and business users the intentions of Logical or Conceptual concept

§ Ability to direct a Business Analysts/Data Analysts to derive operation source system research and analysis.

§ involved in developing and implementing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (DRP) Plans for 35 remote sites

§ Implemented ownership of physical database design - Maintain physical structure and view. Security perform user management, maintenance auditing.

§ Work closely with IT and business managers to provide solution definition to new and ongoing business requirements.

§ Created company policies and procedures governing corporate data requirement, data access control, and incident response.

§ my major initial goal are implement a layer of Data warehouse for nadra-karachi clients, Secure-Data and Archiving with Oracle, and Ms-SQL 2008 and Teradata

§ Provide data architecture/data model (Metadata) and database development, maintenance, and production support for OLTP & OLAP databases and very large database (VLDB) systems, XML data, data warehouses in DB2/Oracle, which process millions of records a day

§ Work on All Teradata Tools like BTEQ, FLOAD, TPUMP,MLOAD and other’s

§ Complete Administration of Oracle 10g, Teradata V2R5, MS-SQL Server 2005/7

Jaffer’s Brother Pvt Limited 1997 – 2000


Position as “Database Administrator “

Jaffer Brothers runs one of the largest Data Entry Projects in Asia with 1000 concurrent data entry operators under one roof working 24/7, 365 days per year.

Promoted to manage system development teams charged with performing new product QA. Supervised release testing for new applications; provided final approval for bug-free, fully functional commercial solutions. Oversaw recruiting and training, resource allocation, and employee assessment functions. Built and mentored cohesive, qualified teams committed to meeting schedule and budgetary needs.

Key Contributions

§ Managed high-profile HATP (High Availability Transaction Processing) solution, supervising development teams working in multiple locations.

§ As manager responsible for providing technical support for the delivery of existing and new MIS/ system requirements and making sure that the system was always UP.

§ Ensure that as a project all enhancements to the MIS and database are implemented in a timely manner.

§ As confident communicator attends meetings with various business units and discuss business and production requirements and enhancements.

§ Administration and maintenance of fifteen servers. Performed all aspects of database administration, including data modeling, backups, replication and recovery. Additionally, designed and implemented a disaster recovery system. Database Transformation service included maintaining, debugging and optimizing existing data warehouse system and streamlining the batch process.

§ Gathered internal and external user requirements for application and database design from Business Development personnel, Project Manager, Program Managers and as directed. Developed In house applications for internal use.

§ Advanced SQL Server skills – SQL Query Development and Performance Tuning (DBA Experience also helpful)

§ Experienced as Data Processing Management

Zehra Communications 1998 – 2000

Computer System Engineer/Network Developer

Provided comprehensive remote and onsite support for domestic and corporate customers support for LAN/WAN products and internet access support for key accounts of all sizes.

Key Contributions:

§ To Provide VPN/Internet service to clients in different location. Provide VPN for clients universities/institutes share Main Backbone with clients and dial up users.

§ Installed down links like Thai Com, ZAK net on clients and provide sharing with many clients or LANs. Designed IP scheme for organization with Complete Network Solution like Routing, Switching Proxy service. Security with PIX Fire wall of CISCO.

§ Installed complete ISP setup for two ISP companies, worked on Livingston Prot Master, US-Robotics -Modem Pool & Nortel Passport switches and Authentication server interact with MS-SQL Server 7.0 for accounting and also complete configuration of all discus devices.

§ Use highly recommended Hardware like Compaq servers quad Zeon, ML 370 etc

§ Configuration of MS-Proxy server 2.0, Mailer Demon.

§ To designed Layout and Plan for upcoming projects.

Education and Credentials

Master of Science Degree in Computer Science

pimsat University Karachi



Teradata Factory Course (2003)

Teradata Master

PMP (Paper in next two months)

Oracle 10g Professional

Conflict Management and Leadership Training:

(Three Days Training by a Foreign Trainer)

CCNA (Cisco Certification 2000

DRP Planning from ICMAP Karachi

MCSE (1999)


Muhammad Arshad

Testing ID:


Test Name

Date Taken


Teradata Basics V2R5 (NR0-011)

Oct 18 2006


Candidate Agreement (NR0-AGR)

Oct 18 2006


Teradata Basics V2R5 (NR0-011)

Nov 10 2006


Teradata SQL V2R5 (NR0-013)

Mar 5 2007


Candidate Agreement (NR0-AGR)

Mar 5 2007


Teradata Physical Implementation V2R5 (NR0-012)

Mar 15 2007


Teradata Administration V2R5 (NR0-014)

Mar 26 2007


Teradata Design Architecture V2R5 (NR0-015)

Mar 31 2007


Teradata Application Development V2R5 (NR0-016)

Apr 19 2007




Tell us the city name where Teradata Master run the Radio Cab?

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But, Loving People.

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Terdata Master is Job less. what a country wat a world friends.

I am looking a job,
can work as distance employee.
Terdata Master is Job less. what a country wat a world friends.


Dear Friends.
I have just created this blog,.
I will add enough stuff for Teradata.
I am Expert on DW-housing. please do ask Question at free of cost..